Finding Your Silver Lining

Spring is here and we’ve had some beautiful days, but also a few grey ones with lots of rain. When our days go from good to bad to worse, we tend to hide away inside. We do this when it’s not just the weather either. Once a day is ruined, it’s hard to recover.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Robert Flatt refused to let it ruin his day. In his book Healing Art: Don’t Let Anything Ruin Your Day, he pairs his inspirational story of living through new challenges with a collection of his stunning photography. That’s right, a man with Parkinson’s disease decided to become a photographer. And these aren’t still life photography, no these are majestic wild life snapshots. A truly spectacular collection of animals in their natural habitat, all captured after his diagnosis.

Following his story through these photos and his narrative have an amazingly encouraging effect. Not only do you learn of how Robert uses the art of photography to heal and center himself, but he actively offers lessons and advice he has learned through his tribulations to motivate you as you read.

So, if you ever need something for the rainy days life throws at you, this is one to get. It has a beauty which shines through and will warm any day. Nothing goes better together than animal photos and inspirational messages.

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