Fourth of July Foodies

When the Declaration of Independence was signed, John Adams predicted that Independence Day would be forever celebrated as the “day of deliverance” with “pomp and parade.” Looking at Houston’s myriad Fourth of July fireworks displays, symphony performances, festivals and parades, it’s clear that our patriotism has remained fervent.

If, like many of my neighbors, you’re planning to celebrate with a good old-fashioned cookout, “Fredericksburg Flavors: Recipes from the heart of the Texas Hill Country” has the perfect recipes to make your barbecue a success.

The cookbook features dishes as American as apple pie—for which they have an excellent recipe—or as Texan as pecan pie. Authors Case D. Fischer and Mark Wieser have collected myriad delicious dishes with an eye towards Texas tradition. For anyone who wants to celebrate America’s frontier past while enjoying a delicious meal in the present, this book will hit the spot.

Texas may have joined the party a little later than some other states, but you can’t beat Texans for state and national pride. “Fredericksburg Flavors” blends modern dishes with exquisite traditional recipes, and any one of them is a great way to get that backyard barbeque started. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

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