Houston in the Spotlight with Super Bowl LI

Touchdown! Houston is welcoming Super Bowl LI and we couldn’t be more excited! Although we’re dreading the traffic jams the bowl is sure to bring, we wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. As proud Houstonians we anticipate welcoming people from all around the world and showing them the best of what Houston has to offer—whether that be food, nightlife, activities, or in our case, books.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our community. Most of our authors are Houston residents and we absolutely love to brag about them, so I’m going to do some of that now. Bright Sky Press author Wade Smith is a former NFL player turned children’s literacy philanthropist. Smith’s children’s novel, Smitty Hits the Books, highlights the importance of education and extracurricular activities—in this case, football. When Smitty’s love for football interferes with his grades he has to find a way to excel in both. Smith makes A’s cool again in his fun and relatable children’s book. Wade Smith’s Foundation supports the community through literacy events, scholarships and educational resources.

Houston is also one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Bright Sky Press author Hugo Ortega was born in Mexico City and has become one of the premier chefs in Houston. Ortega’s cookbook, Street Food of Mexico, is the perfect book for anyone looking for some fast and fun authentic Mexican recipes. Truly a representation of the American dream, Ortega’s book is a blend of new and well-loved recipes sure to satisfy anyone. You can check out his restaurants Backstreet Cafe, Hugo’s Restaurant, and Xochi all right here in Houston!

With people coming from all over for the Super Bowl, it’s important to celebrate our diversity. Another one of our local authors, Chris Bridge, is an avid philanthropist who focuses her efforts on the youth in her community. Bridge’s children’s book, The Same Heart, teaches that although we are all unique in our own way, inside we are all the same. With a city as diverse as Houston it’s important that we celebrate our differences.

As we get closer to the Super Bowl, whether you’re cheering for the Patriots or the Falcons, we know one thing is for sure…. we’ll be celebrating our great city!

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