Making History

It’s been a year for comebacks here in Houston, and one for making history. Our city has hosted not one, but two of the biggest sporting events in the country, along with the most catastrophic flooding Houston has ever seen. We didn’t have tickets for the game last night–poor college kids that we are—but, standing around the TV at the bottom of the eighth inning, someone pointed out that history was being made and we were missing it. So we walked down the street to the metro and took it into downtown, donning what little bits of orange and blue we could find. When we arrived, it was already the bottom of the ninth, and there was a low hum in the air, as if the stadium were generating electricity.

We couldn’t go inside, but we could recreate the events between the booming voices of the announcers and the continually updating score online. And then, just like that, it was over. The roar was deafening—a vibration across the entire city, with the stadium at its hub. People slowly began to filter out onto the street, elated. We stood, lingering on the street, watching as the trickle turned to a steady stream, and then to a flood. In that moment, you would have thought every person in the crowd knew each other. There was back slapping, whooping, cheering, and shared beers—everyone in orange was a friend. A group of older men passed us, decked in Astros gear down to their socks. “We did it,” I heard one of them yell out.

I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. In Fort Worth, there is TCU and little else. I had never before experienced an entire city swelling in support of a professional sports team. We did it, the man said. He was right. It felt like a victory for all of Houston—the greatest comeback of all time. We made history.

This made me wonder what the rest of the Houston Astro’s history is… Bright Sky Press’ Houston Astros: Deep in the Heart – Blazing a Trail from Expansion to World Series details the team’s history from 1962-2013. It made me appreciate just exactly how big of a deal last night was, and truly appreciate this year’s journey to win the World Series. Congratulations Houston Astros and congratulations Houston!

Bright Sky Press: Where Texas Meets Books a Houston Astros World Series win!