The Dog Days of Summer

Without the relentless schedule of work or school, you might find yourself with too much time and not enough to do this summer. Boredom hits hard; it hits fast.

Though the idea of the dog days of summer originated with the ancient Greeks (as most Western things do) and though its original meaning as the hottest days of the year cued images of devastation and catastrophe (as most Greek things do), I propose a different interpretation. The dog days of summer are an opportunity. A chance to combat stifling boredom by trying new things, meeting new people, and going places you’ve never been before!

Kelly Bennett’s One Day I Went Rambling exemplifies this philosophy. One Day I Went Rambling is a wonderful story of a young boy named Zane who uses the power of his imagination to change the people and world around him for the better. With its lovely illustrations and clever themes of adventure and imagination, One Day I Went Rambling was just the inspiration I needed to write this blog. So, if you’re still dragging from the dog days, spark your imagination with a good book! It can completely change the way you see yourself and others.

You may be stuck in Houston during these blazing days of summer vacation when the air conditioner becomes your best friend, or you may be travelling to places where (gasp!) you actually need a sweater at night. Wherever you are, remember that adventure is always at hand for those willing to seek it out. Cherish the small things; immerse yourself in the world around you. See where imagination takes you!

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